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Give It Some Beans Blog - February 2018

26th February 2018

Give It Some Beans Merchandise...

We have reliably been informed that summer 2018 is going to be a scorchers, and this year the sun is going to Give It Some Beans

With this in mind we thought we would jump in early and start getting our summer time work clothing ready for our outdoor events!

Give It Some Beans Cap

28th February 2018

We don't just GIVE IT SOME BEANS roasting coffee...

It was all meant to start off as a typical day at the office and roastery, but after 15 minutes into our work journey, we hit the throws of the "Beast From The East", 6 inches of snow accumulating fast with swathing blizzard conditions!!!

As we hit the main A47 Southern bypass around south Norwich, we soon became stationary in a 3 mile tail back. A juggernaut truck had jack-knifed at the sharp end of the traffic jam, along with cars left right and center, where they had attempted to pass the truck unsuccessfully - at this point nothing was going anywhere fast.

After 2 hours stationary, it was decision time if we wanted to get off the A47. Sit there with everybody else or, time to "Give It Some Beans", but not with coffee beans today, but with our trusty truck giving it some beans diesel powered.

With the aid of a few other 4X4 trucks and a hour or so later, we got the A47 mobile again!


Not the day we had planned or expected, but it was fun helping those well and truly stranded and hooking up with some great 4X4 truck owners wanting to help (you're all stars!). 

The Start Of It All & A Little Tricky This One

Beast from The East V Give It Some Beans

Towing Stranded Vehicles Off The A47

After Our A47 Saga;

After our saga on the A47, we had enough of traffic and decided to Give It Some Beans across country, here are some pictures and video clips of the Beast From The East in Norfolk (not much roasting went on today!);

Giving It Some Beans

- Snow Drift Demolition -

Beast From The East Snow
Snow 2018
Give It Some Beans in the snow
Snow 2018
Snow Drifts 2018 Norfolk
Snow 2018
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