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Give It Some Beans Blog - March 2018

1st March 2018

No Let Up With The Beast From The East.

Just seems to be no let up with the cold weather coming over from Europe and with a wind chill temperature at around -12 degree C, no wonder we have icicles the size of  houses! Below are some pictures taken at Give It Some Beans Coffee HQ that we'd like to share...


Roll on spring and summer we say!

2nd March 2018

The Beast FromThe East Takes Its Toll!

After spending much of the week towing random people / car drivers out of snow with the Give It Some Beans truck, now named "Goliath", today the drifting snow was seen at its worst.


On our way home this afternoon, we came across an abandoned car in a drift, totally blocking our way. After checking that all was well and nobody inside, we had to make detour to make it home.

Eventually and after a "few mile" detour, we made it home, arhhhhh we thought. However, as we pulled in our drive we were greeted to see that a nieghbours 50 foot fir tree had been snapped in half , courtesy of  hurricane Emma, and the tree had smashed onto our garage...


 Co'mon spring, spring into action, we've had enough of this cold windy weather now!

4th March 2018

The Beast From The East Has Gone!

Finally the Beast From The East has gone somewhere west and doing its bit over the Atlantic... Its now time for a Sunday morning chillax with a fresh bean to cup of our Full Fuel Brazilian Santos dark roast, heaven!

11th March 2018
Happy Supercharged Mothers Day!

We are starting our Mothering Sunday Supercharged, using our Supercharged Nicaraguan single origin coffee bean. A great roast for an Espresso or two - Happy Mothering Sunday!

Today, we took the opportunity to quickly nip to Snetterton Race Circuit located in the heart of  Norfolk (our home race circuit), where we met up with some of our good friends from  the BTCC championship winnersWSR BMW Racing Team.


As an added power boost and pre-season warmer for Team WSR, team Give It Some Beans were delighted to hand over some of their fresh roasted Supercharged coffee to the championship winners. Dick Bennetts' MD and Team Principal, proudly (and understandably) took ownership on this chilly March day!


Best wishes and good luck for the 2018 BTCC season guys -"Give It Some Beans"!

fresh hand-roasted coffee

We are beginning to think we are jinxed with the weather. Today was our very first farmers market, and although enjoyable and meeting some great people, the returning Beast From The East was not so welcoming. Fair weather, if you are listening, you need to hurry up and  Give It Some Beans with sunshine!

Poringland Farmers Market
Poringland Farmers Market
Poringland Farmers Market

Finally, spring type weather partnership with us on our travels to an out and about event, this time it was to the Norwich / Costessey Farmers Market, and very welcoming it was too. Along with the fab weather, also brought out the gorgeous people of  Costessey!


A huge thank you to all who attended and supported the market traders today. Your support is immensely welcomed by all - a great bunch of people from both sides of the counter. 

Below are a couple of snaps of our new look "out and about" shop front banner, which just so happen to be identical to our website homepage - as usual, always Giving It Some Beans!

Norwich Farmers Market
Costessey Farmers Market

31st March 2018

Norfolk Farm Shop - Taverham Garden Centre,

Today we set off to the Norfolk Farm Shop located at Taverham Nursery / Garden Centre, fully armed with Melitta Bean To Cup machines on loan from Hughes Electrical (many thanks to James for arranging the machines) for our live demonstration coffee tasting day.


During the fantastic tasting day we were also joined by other local producers (Kelly from The Belgian Beer Huis, Raj from Currylicious, Suzie from Bace Foods), who were also proudly demonstrating their products free of charge to customers.


During the day, we were joined by the crazy but excellent spice fusion specialist A De Piff who created some amazing African food. Whilst A De Piff demonstrated his cooking skills, Give It Some Beans took the opportunity to Facebook him live (see video below).


A again a huge thank you to all who attended and supported the tasting day at Norfolk Farm Shop, your support is gratefully welcomed by all - and again, a fantastic crowd of people both sides of the counter. 

We look forward to another tasting day at Norfolk Farm Shop in April (date to be announced).


The tasting days at Norfolk Farm Shop are well worth a visit and a must try!

Coffee Tasting Day
Coffee Tasting
Norfolk Farm Shop - Coffee Tasting Day
Coffee Norfolk
Local Coffee Norwich
Wholebean Coffee
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