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Drinking Coffee has become very social and a trendy past time (coffee brings out the chilled nature within our inner souls), when either meeting out the family, friends, or on a professional basis while making that all important business deal on those snug leather sofa'd Barista bar outlets, with free WIFI thrown in for a cheap sales pitch - all very cliche, but think we've all done it at some point?

In particular, the trendy high-street coffee outlets are the "places" to be be seen and update your social media status - "hey all my trendy friends, look at me i am at stargazers drinking coffee" is a massive hit for all age ranges. But for us at Give It Some Beans, we get the greatest pleasure brewing in the comfort of our own home, knowing that the coffee we are about to grind is fresh and great tasting as a naked drink (black only please!).

When we have friends and family over (and yes, some visitors actually come to visit knowing our coffee will be on the bill), there is nothing better when statements are made, such as; "phoar, your coffee is always gorgeous". For us, this is a great "pat on the back" to know that our coffee is a match for anybody else's out there, not to mention the kitchen always has a fantastic aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee, which brings another dimension to our home.

Throughout the years of drinking coffee, we have tried a number of different methods to the make our favourite / perfect daytime drink at home. At Give It Some Beans we wanted to share our methods and how we brew our own, both of which suit us and our lifestyle.


That said, we are fully aware that our way is not the coffee law, and other people have their own preferred methods which are all "cool" by us, and the below is only our opinion / preference as a guide.


Our Brew Time;

Below are our methods which would like to share with our website visitors. Yes we know we don't have the full spectrum of coffee devices, but there is only so much worktop capacity in our humble kitchen, along with  all of the other goodies that come as coffee accessories.

The Coffee Grinder;

Give It Some Beans Coffee

The humble coffee grinder but it all starts here!


Sometimes this piece of kit is understated and in a lot of cases, not even in a coffee drinkers home!


However, as with all coffee drinks, the whole-bean has to be ground before any tasty brew can be made. 

Although the grinders used in this picture are commercial, you can purchase small electric grinders which are adequate and cheap enough, and substantial for the job in hand.


The secret is try and keep your stash of coffee beans whole for as long as possible (grind as you use) - the key to fresher tasting brew!

Stove Top - Italian / Espresso Pot;

Norfolk Coffee Roasters

This bad boy is used to make strong brews, for example espresso (not to be confused with "expresso" as us Brits love to call it). 

To use this pot (this size will make 2 x Espresso shots); you simply fill the base with fresh water, fine grind around 30 - 40g of coffee to an almost like powder consistency, then stick it on your hob and let the heat do the rest. 

As the water heats, the steam from the water passes through the ground coffee which sits about midway in the pot itself. As the water / steam passes through the grind, the water (coffee by now) enters into the next chamber above through heat expansion, and vouloir, you now have a perfect traditional espresso coffee.

The method behind espresso is to use finely ground coffee (powder like), which allows more surface area contact  between the water and coffee, opposed coarsely ground as used with the filter method. 

A lot of people confuse dark or over roasted beans as an espresso type bean, and this is how an espresso is solely derived. However, any roast whether it is medium, dark to French (burnt) will achieve an espresso, but only if the grind is fine enough. That said, some beans do lend themselves more towards a nice espresso. The real secret is, ingredient proportions and correct pot used to brew.

Roasters tip; If you want real "rocket fuel" let the pot simmer on the stove for a while before serving. The contents should be something like used engine oil - perfect for that kick in the rear-end experience!

Pour Over;
Online Coffee Beans

New kid on the block; this method is fairly new to our house but we have had some great results using this style of brew technique.


However, we find that there is a bit of faffing about to get this one right, for example, ensuring you pour water evenly, but not too quickly over the grind at the start, ensuring you saturate all the coffee before the bulk of the water passes through the grind and into the glass chamber.

For this method you would use coarse ground, and depending on servings expected, use around 15g of coffee per serving.

In relation to coffee brew methods, this is fairly new to the scene full stop. It is said to be

originally invented in the 1930's but it has since become very trendy to brew this way.

We love trendiness and quirkiness at Give It Some Beans!

Cafetiere / French Press;
Coffee Online UK

The trusty Cafetiere, also known as the French press. Yip, this is the item that always appear at dinner parties. It has a certain amount of charisma in its own right.

One of our favourites that bring a nice mild coffee to the cup if used correctly. 

The Cafetiere uses coarse ground coffee, similar to that of the Pour method (around 15g of coffee per serving), but is a little more automated in its use; for example, pull the plunger up, add coffee and pour in hot water, let it stand and push the plunger down - couldn't get any simpler than that!

Roasters pet hate with this method;


When visiting a restaurant or cafe and you order a Cafetiere and it is served with the plunger down, send it back... Its the customer choice when to determine how strong they like their coffee, not the person serving it!

Fresh Bean To Cup;

Coffee Onlne

Fresh bean to cup and fully automated, there is no other way - the mother-ship of coffee makers.


In other words, the "slave" of Give It Some Beans household, its always time for coffee time in our house.

There isn't much to say about this machine, other than it is a fantastic way to brew, just fill the water reservoir and fill with whole-bean. Hit the button on demand and it does the business for you. 


Although more expensive than the other methods above, it is truly a fantastic coffee investment. That said, you can spend thousands if you have bottomless pockets, but no need to spend thousands to obtain quality and consistent results that this machine serve.


Roasters Tip; Look out for deals on these machines, there are some gooden's to be had. In particular during shop sales, or when a manufacturer is bringing out a new model and retailers want to get shot of old stock - there isn't much between manufacture models (new or old), believe us!

Let The Fun Begin;

Making the brew can be as much fun as drinking it, and in particular if you fancy yourself as "Barista specialist" as we do (not). However, there are a lot of inexpensive accessories on the market, where you can replicate, if not, make better than any high-street outlet.


And yes, all of this from the comfort of your own home, with your own free secure WIFI whilst laid on your own snug sofa drinking your handy work - all for the fraction of the price!


Life just don't get any better...!!

Cappuccino or Latte?

Coffee Websites

Mainly, our coffee of choice is consumed black (we have nothing to hide from our roasts by masking it with milk), but we sometimes like the odd Cappuccino or Latte, there is nothing wrong with these style of drinks!

However, to replicate high-street style coffees such as these, you don't need to lash out huge bundles of hard earned cash for the equipment.


All you need is; battery operated milk whisk, heat your milk until just before it start to boil, and a vessel to whisk the milk once heated.


Add your whisked milk / froth over your shot(s) of Espresso and decorate to your liking. Enjoy!

Fancy Yourself As A Barista?

Local Business Norfolk

Now Barista work is an art in itself, and if you have ever watched somebody who can carry out this artwork, it's well worth the show!

However, there are ways to get round this at home. All you need are some art work stencils that  can be bought via well known bidding website(s) for virtually nothing, some sprinkle containers with either powder chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon etc and the world is your coffee bean as they say!

Future Workshop Maintenance

We plan to keep the brew workshop manual updated on a regular basis with our experiences. In addition we also plan to add either another page, or add to the manual, coffee food recipes and ideas.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more or even add your own recipes to our manuals.

Here at Give It Some Beans, we totally believe in coffee 100%, whether it is sharing our experiences, drinking, roasting and anything else associated...