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- Recipes With Coffee -


Hi and welcome to Blondie and Shorties recipes with coffee page, we hope you enjoy our antics in the kitchen and on warmer days around the BBQ pit, where we prefer to be weather permitting. 

If there are any recipes that you would like to us to feature, or you have made anything with our coffee, please let us know and we will feature it on this page -

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How To Make Espresso Martinis;

This weeks visit to the Give It Some Beans kitchen, Blondie makes an extremely powerful Espresso Martini, using our Full Fuel coffee...

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Coffee & Walnut Cake;

This week, Blondie makes an awesome coffee and walnut cake using our Kickstart coffee. Apologies for the small electrical technical hitch at the start of the food mixer :)

Coffee Crusted Steak;

This week, Blondie conjures up a Friday night date dinner using Fillet Steak, spice and Coffee rub - end result an awesome meal! This weeks apology goes to uncontrollable coughing fits when the spices heat due to the extract fan being turned off for noise reasons...

The Perfect Tiramisu;

This week, Blondie quickly knocks up a perfect Tiramisu using our dark roasted Brazilian espresso ground coffee.

This week there were no technical hitches or coughing fits!