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Coffee, Gin and Nearly 50 (Chapter 7)

WOW what a whirlwind the past 10 days has been !!

Such a whirlwind I have forgotten half of what I have done (Or is that just the menopause !!)

If any of my readers (that's a BIG any) are going through the menopause, please feel free to comment about your symptoms. Would love to know it's not me going mad !!

Gosh walking into a room to get something and then saying out loud "what am I doing here ?"

I do talk to myself quite often, that's beacause the majority of the time I work alone, I do think sometimes I am going bonkers !! So I apologise in advance to any of our customers, stockists if I talk alot when I see you, but sometimes you need human interaction !!

My office buddy from my days at the hotel always used to laugh at me as I talked to myself quite often, sometimes I used to talk to him and he ignored me and when I pulled him up on it.. he used to say I thought you were talking to yourself again !! I poppedinto visit him a few weeks back for a catch up & obviously to find out all the gossip.. I have been relaced by a cheeseplant in the office we used to share... !! He says it's alot quieter.. Charming !! I think secretly his does miss me.

This describes me exactly :O)

So apart from lots of Coffee Roasting & deliveries & posting Coffee, we attended The Big Norfolk Sausage Bash in Aylsham last Sunday (12th May) What a absolutely fabulous day.. The weather was perfect, the organisation of the event, all the Traders who had stalls - majority were part of the Proudly Norfolk Family & of course the lovely Sarah & Andrew from Proudly Norfolk has a stand too..

It was orgainised by

Charlie Hodson (Chef & Charlies Norfolk Food Hero’s),

Sam Bagge (Manager at Walsingham Farm Shop), 

Johnny & Jason from Coxford Butchers in Aylsham

Aylsham Council - Fabulous !!

The festival raised funds for Cancer Research UK, Aylsham Cluster Group, Aylsham Parish Church, Aylsham Scouts, Hospitality Action UK and Mind Norwich.

Roll on 2020 - The festival date is 10th May 2020. This time I will get a sausage !!

On Monday we went down to our Green Bean supplier to collect a consignment of beans (Good job as we had about 200g left of Colombian after a very busy weekend !!) On the way back we received a email from Muddy Stilettos HQ to say we were into the finals of BEST NEWCOMER 2019.

If you haven't seen it already on one of our social media channels, please click on the link and vote for us.

If you voted before this was just to get us into the final and all scores have been set back to zero !

Please can I ask you to cast your vote for Give It Some Beans. Voting ends on 22nd May at 12 noon


Off now to shower & PJ's on ready for tomorrow , another new day on our adventure as a new small business and roasting coffee for a new customer :O)

35 days & counting (BIG 50)

PS - bought plates, dishes, napkins, bunting & balloons today for my party EEEEEKKKKK can't wait


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