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Coffee, Gin and nearly 50 ! (Part 2)

WOW.. so here we are 31st January !! We were talking the other day & if you could choose a month you would hate to be and a month you would love to be.. How many people would choose January as the month they would hate to be.

I saw a hilarious post on social media last week - April, June,September, November have 30 days, March, May, July, August, October & December have 31... January has 943 !!

Why does January feel sooooo long ?? Is it the dark mornings & dark nights ? The cold ? Well here we are on the eve on February and spring is on it's way. We have daffodils popping up in the garden , which looking out of the office window this morning are frozen.

It's Cold, Frosty & foggy out this morning. I have to go in the roastery (Freezery as I call it this time of year) later to roast coffee for a order, so thermals will be donned & hat to keep my body temperature in. I always find if I don't have a hat on I get cold really quickly...

So this week has been busy.. I did Hoveton Producers & Craft Market on Saturday which was great... repeat customers from our visit in December & some new customers too. It was great to see all the stallholders and have a catch up with everyone... Quite a few people had had the dreaded flu bug over Christmas - I had Shingles which I didn't realise I had until I visited the doctors after 10 days of feeling rubbish.. I thought the spots on the base of my back were bites from gardening on New Years Day !! HO HUM

We received our new coffee bags last week (Swiss Pack) and bespoke stamps (Get Stamped) https://getstamped.co.uk/, Henry was so helpful and the stamps arrived.. They look fabulous, well made and quick service.I have been busy stamping and getting the bags ready for when we run out of the old bags... See below pictures

Yesterday I saw a post from Tuscan Farm Shop which showed Scillian Lemons - I got my cooking brain on and made the most amazing Lemon Meringue Pie - I love cooking and my blog will feature lots of pictures of food & some recipies over time.

This morning I am awaiting our friends Becky & Neil from The Garden Pantry https://www.thegardenpantry.co.uk/

Who are bringing over some of their Jam for our Mothers Day Gift Sets and Breakfast Sets... Can't wait to get the pictures taken and get them on our website & social media sites !! My brain buzzes so much with what we can do.. but as they say don't run before you can walk !! and my favourite one is Rome wasn't built in a day !!

140 days & counting

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