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Coffee, Gin & Nearly 50 (Chapter 3)


Gosh I think I have missed a couple of Months... I did promise myself I was going to update this at least once a week !!

I have been having a experiment with cooking with coffee over the past few weeks...(which of course I have to eat !!)

I have a fabulous Chocolate Cake & Brownie recipes which I will make and take some pictures and then post the recipe on here aswell. I found a fabulous book which has some amazing recipes in and I am working my way through them and will share with you all once tried & tested !! I also had a go at making coffee marmalde - which I have to say turned out very well.

Did anyone watch Master Chef ? OMG I loved Raymond Blancs dessert that Jilly made.. I have found the recipe and have ago at recreating it !! Last time I tried to temper chocolate it was disaster - Here is the link to the recipe if anyone else fancies a go https://www.raymondblanc.com/recipes/chocolate-coffee-cup-cafe-creme-recipe/ Please share your pictures with me.

Sean & I love Masterchef, we had bets on who would be the winner quite early on in the competition.

Sean won the bet - He loved Irini and all her fabulous cooking and her funny sayings. I wanted Jilly to win but sadly she was pipped to the post. Until next year... I did think about entering myself but in reality I don't think I can take the time out from running the business.

So, I have decided to make my own birthday cake this year.. (of course it will contain Coffee & Chocolate)

I have already bought the cake topper "50 & Fabulous" why not !! My husband thinks I am bonkers wanting to celebrate my 50th.. It's a another big milestone in a woman's life ! 50 jeez I can remember being 21 and thinking 50 was old LOL

I really don't feel any different mentally only wishing what I know now I wish I had known at 21..., a few more wrinkles, a few stone heavier, grey hairs, the menopause, a different ache & pain every day... oh the joys.

79 days & counting !!

Raymond Blanc Chocolate Coffee Cup (CAFÉ CRÈME)

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