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The Verona model echoes the soft decorative lines of classical coffee makers, reinterpreted with modernity and good taste for a coffee maker which fits in well with any style of décor.


Its sophisticated electronic board makes it easy to monitor all functions, extending the coffee delivery possibilities while guaranteeing top quality at all times.


The electronically controlled boiler guarantees regular delivery at a constant temperature; the electronic counter counts the number of deliveries made, enabling consumption and workflow to be monitored efficiently, and special sensors activate the service warning, optimising maintenance times and preventing all problems.



  • Large capacity boiler
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • On-off timer 
  • Auto backflush cleaning facility
  • Espresso shot timer
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Triple level boiler safety systems
  • Double scale pressure gauge
  • Copper boiler and pipework

On request

  • Turbo steam
  • External volumetric pump
  • 3-phase power

2-Group With 1 steam tap 1 water tap 1 1-cup filter holder 2 2-cup filter holder

3-Group With 2 steam tap 1 water tap 1 1-cup filter holder 3 2-cup filter holder

4-Group With 2 steam tap 1 water tap 1 1-cup filter holder 4 2-cup filter holder


  • width mm 820 depth mm 610 height mm 590
  • boiler capacity Lt 14
  • boiler power kW 2.95/*4.9
  • total power kW 3.15/*5.1
  • voltage V 230/400
  • net weight kg 68

*Denotes standard model

Installation Requirements: 15mm Cold Main Water Supply with 3/4" Standard Washing Machine Stop Cock.


We offer a unique Lifetime Scale-Free Guarantee on your coffee machine

All machines fitted with a Brita Purity C water filter are guaranteed against scale-related problems. This guarantee applies for the life of the appliance so long as the filters are changed in accordance with Brita's recommendations.


We understand that UK water contains varying levels of hardness that not only affect the performance and working life of a coffee machine but also the quality and enjoyment of the drink.


Please note; stock may be subject to availability but we are always happy to discuss options that suit your requirements and budget.

Sanremo Verona

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