Just a few revs away to a lushtastic brew...

A fabulous gift for the coffee lover in your life - whether it's Christmas,Birthday, leaving present, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Retirement, Moving House or just to say Thank You... They will love our Fresh Hand Roasted Coffee

Gift Set Contains :-

1 x 125g Bag of Fresh Roasted Coffee (Ground or Wholebean)

1 x 4 box of Hand Crafted Choffee Chox  by Harrisons Chocolatiers,Norfolk

1 x 250ml Coffee Syrup (Vanilla, Cinnamon or Gingerbread)

Choffee Chox are Belgium Chocolate & blended with our ground Coffee - Note; "Choffee Chox" are specially handmade for Give It Some Beans and are part of the Give It Some Beans brand)

Our Coffee Syrup is handmade by ourselves and contains no additives.

Include your own Personal Message.

We can bespoke front coffee lables for you- Email us at office@giveitsomebeans.co.uk and we can discuss ideas and will send a proof over prior to printing


Coffee Gift Set with Coffee Syrup & Chocolate

Coffee Type 1
Brew Style
Coffee Syrup 250ml
  • Our Fresh Hand Roasted coffee is used in all gift sets.

    We also use our 100% Belgium Choffee Chox which are also hand-made in Norfolk by Saffire Chocolates.

    All gift sets are provided in quality cardboard gift boxes.

    Please ensure you let us know any wording or label wording you require.

    It is important to know that taste awareness vary, and some individuals may taste a particular acidity within the brew, that others may not. Furthermore, some acidity hints are more predominant at certain stages through the brew, i.e. as the brew temperature changes and so on.

    With our coffee, we do not promote specific strong hints or “flavours”, but our individual tasting notes describe the beans typical acidity origin levels as a guidance.

    Remember, your brew method(s) will have a big impact by cup time.

    But, however you brew and indulge your coffee, we hope you enjoy our coffee in your cup – happy caffeine re-fuelling with Give It Some Beans, independent coffee roasters.

    Choffee Chox Allergen Advise (From Our Supplier)

    Soya Allergy

    All the chocolate we use will contain traces of soya lecithin. This has been added, by the producers, to keep the chocolate smooth.

    Peanut Allergy

    Peanuts are stored and used within our production area so we cannot guarantee that our chocolate products are peanut free.

    Nut Allergy

    We are not a nut free environment. Although we are very careful not to mix nuts with other products we cannot guarantee that our products are nut free.

    Lactose (Dairy) Intolerances

    Whilst our dark chocolate, that we buy from our producers, does not contain any milk, we make our dark chocolate products in the same workshop as we are using milk chocolate.

    Gluten Intolerances

    We do not use gluten in any of our handmade chocolate products but we cannot guarantee that the nuts and dried fruit we use have not been dusted with products containing gluten.

    Other Allergens

    Dried Fruit containing sulphur dioxide and products including sesame and other allergens are all handled within our workshop . Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all products are free from traces of these allergens.

    Vegan Chocolate

    We believe that our dark chocolate is “Vegan Friendly” , however, it is made in the same environment as milk chocolate, so we cannot guarantee that it is free from milk traces.

    Vegetarian Chocolate

    All of our chocolate is suitable for vegetarians except products containing marshmallows, for example our Rocky Road bar.

    Colourings & Surface Lustres

    These are all edible but some of the colourings we use may contain E-numbers that may have an adverse effect on activity & attention in children.

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