Just a few revs away to a lushtastic brew...

Gift Set Contains :-

2 x 125g Bag of Fresh Roasted Coffee (Ground or Wholebean) - Choose which Coffee you would like us to supply for you.


1 Box Biscotti Biscuits (Choose Flavour from Drop Down Box)


Comes in a Kraft gift box with ribbon.



If it's for a gift include your own Personal Message.



Coffee Gift Set with Biscotti

Coffee Type 1
Coffee Type 2
Brew Style
  • Our Fresh Hand Roasted Coffee is used in all gift sets.

    All gift sets are provided in quality cardboard gift boxes.

    It is important to know that taste awareness vary, and some individuals may taste a particular acidity within the brew, that others may not. Furthermore, some acidity hints are more predominant at certain stages through the brew, i.e. as the brew temperature changes and so on.

    With our coffee, we do not promote specific strong hints or “flavours”, but our individual tasting notes describe the beans typical acidity origin levels as a guidance.

    Remember, your brew method(s) will have a big impact by cup time.

    But, however you brew and indulge your coffee, we hope you enjoy our coffee in your cup – happy caffeine re-fuelling with Give It Some Beans, independent coffee roasters.


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