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- Workshop Manuals -

Hi and welcome to the Give It Some Beans workshop manual sections, where we have tried to make lighthearted fun, but more importantly useful tips that may help folk understand a little more about our coffee world via our extensive experience.

Among the manuals you will hopefully find useful tips for Home Coffee Roasting, Coffee Brew Methods, different styles of well known coffees, and how they are derived such as EspressoCappuccino, Latte and so on.


We also have some wonderful food and drink recipes using coffee as a unconventional drink, and also Coffee With Food ideas - in this section we try to get something new and exciting on a regular basis, but only when time allows, and we aren't coffee roasting of course!

Cafetiere - French Press

- Brew Manual -

Coffee Online

- Barista Manual -

Raw Coffee Beans

- Roasting Manual -

Coffee And Food

- Recipe Manual -